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Brad Pitt Impatient show Zombienya Film 'World War Z' to Kids

INbolnet - Brad admitted one of the reasons why he wants to play in the zombie-themed movies because her children would love it.

Brad Pitt often starred in serious films that show his acting skills. But his new movie, "World War Z," a zombie-themed instead. Brad apparently has his own reasons why he wants to star in the zombie movie.

Angelina Jolie admits fiance want to please their children. Brad admitted that he had not even wait to show these zombie films to his children.

"This is one reason why I want to star in a movie about zombies, 'World War Z'," says Brad. "My kids would love it. But I'm actually more interested in knowing what films they would like when I grew up."

"World War Z" tells about the future global perspective zombie race, exactly ten years after they ruled the world. Brad Pitt played as Gerry Lane, a UN agency tasked to report on the war between zombies and humans.

The stars who enliven this film including Mireille Enos (Karin), James Badge Dale (Captain Speke) and Bryan Cranston. "World War Z" directed "Quantum of Solace", Marc Forster, with manuscript Matthew Michael Carnahan and J. Michael Straczynski. Due to an issue that had a twisted film, "World War Z" release was delayed until June 2013.

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