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Nikita Mirzani Ready So prostitutes in New Film

INbolnet - Nikita claimed to have made ​​observations for his role as a prostitute in the film titled 'Trauma' was.

Nikita Mirzani known for her sexy roles on the big screen. Now, in her latest film entitled "Trauma" Nikita regained sexy role as a prostitute.

Nikita reveals he is wanton woman charged portray her in the film. Actress "Mama Minta Pulsa" was admitted to a total while acting as a prostitute in "Trauma". That's why he was willing to make observations specific to this role.

"'Trauma' title., Where so wanton women, like professional prostitutes've become so," she said in Jakarta, Tuesday (4/9). "He's cool, if you talk cablak. Kayak me everyday, but not the whore house."

"Yesterday was wondering. Idly into the city. Ngamati wrote, wanton ways actually," he added. "Day wrote, calling the same acting coach. 'Cause I'm not acting recklessly, just because they sell. Want everything seriously from the heart as well."

The plan, filming will start on 7 September. The process of filming will be done for 15 to 20 days.

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